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If you rent your home, you guarantee the owner that you will take care of that space. If something happens, you must clean up the mess. With renters insurance, you can afford to pick up the pieces.

The Insurance Place of Orange Park wants to help every North Florida resident find appropriate insurance for their assets. If you are a renter, we have a policy for you.

What Is Renters Insurance?

You could always damage a rental property or lose your belongings during an unexpected accident. Yet, since you don’t officially own the space, a standard homeowners policy won’t meet your needs. Renters insurance covers the personal liabilities and risks of living in a home that is not yours by title. The right policy will cover risks you might face as an occupant without burdening you with coverage you don’t need.

Standard Renters Insurance Options

Most landlords require leaseholders to have renters insurance. It will prove to them that you have financial protection to back you up in the event of mishaps. Both parties will have security in the deal.

Though all policies vary, most can include:

  • Liability Insurance: This is the coverage your landlord will most likely require. It protects you in the event you cause injuries or property damage to third parties. For example, if you damage a portion of the home, this coverage can often help you pay for repairs.
  • Possessions Coverage: This insures your personal belongings. It can often protect everything from electronics, to clothing to lost food.
  • Expenses Protection: If you must vacate your home after a covered accident, this coverage might pay for alternative living arrangements and other costs.

Talk to one of our agents about the best way to tailor your policy to make you more secure in your rental. We’re here to make sure you get adequate coverage at the best prices.

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Don’t hesitate to get a quote on a personalized renters insurance policy right now! Call the Insurance Place of Orange Park at (904) 272-4660 or request an online quote. Originally known as Pickering Insurance, our agency has been serving North Florida since 1989.

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