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Jacksonville Home Insurance

Formerly Known As Pickering Insurance

Serving Orange Park & Areas Across North Florida

Don’t put your life savings on the line when trying to clean up home damage. Instead, invest in customized homeowners insurance with the help of the team at Insurance Place of Orange Park. Originally known as Pickering Insurance, our agency has been serving North Florida since 1989. We can help you find the right coverage for all your personal needs.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance covers you against the unpreventable accidents that might impact your home, property, possessions and even other people. Rather than shelling out countless funds to repair home damage, let your policy help. At the end of the day, it’s a critical support system to have in place.

Within most policies, you can find:

  • Structure Protection: This insures your house, garage and often detached buildings on the property. It can cover you in case of damage from fires, weather, theft or other hazards.
  • Possessions Insurance: This pays for damaged belongings. Protection might cover anything from food in the pantry to computer systems.
  • Liability Coverage: If you harm someone else or damage their property, use this coverage to compensate them.
  • Additional Expense Protection: Do you need to move out temporarily after an accident? Let this coverage reimburse you for expenses like dining or hotel bills.

An important note for Florida residents: Ask your agent about flood, hurricane or water damage insurance. We’ll help you decide if you need coverage, and ensure it meets all standards for protection.

Your Coverage Specifications

Setting the right limits and scope on your coverage will take attention to detail.

  • Verify whether your mortgage lender requires you to carry certain types of coverage.
  • Get enough structure protection for the home’s full rebuilding cost. A licensed contractor can often help you determine the right costs at today’s value.
  • Check your policy for any exclusions on coverage. For example, some policies might not cover hail damage. If you can afford to add protection for these risks, it’s often a good idea to invest.
  • Adjust possessions coverage to match the value of your most crucial belongings.

We understand that setting the right parameters on your policy might seem challenging. That’s why our expert agents can skillfully guide you through the process of getting covered. Within our network of top-rated home insurance providers, we can compare policies to ensure you always get the right amount of coverage at the best value for your dollar.

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