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It might surprise you to know, but until 2016, it was illegal in Florida to cohabitate with your long-term partner without being married. Even though you don't have to worry about that problem anymore, you still should do your homework when moving in together. READ MORE >>

Florida has a humid, often-wet climate. So, in one way or other, there is almost always moisture around. However, this moisture creates a problem for certain parts of your home — rust. Particularly if you live in an older home, you might face risks of rust accumulation. READ MORE >>

Jacksonville and Duval County border the Atlantic Ocean. Most locals are familiar with how closely weather patterns relate to oceanic conditions. Now that spring has begun, it can only mean one thing — the start of hurricane season around the corner. READ MORE >>

Did you take the time to read through your home insurance policy? If you did, you may have noticed information about the homeowner's declarations listed on the policy. Generally, policies have a specific page dedicated to declarations. Though this page tends to read like a very formal document, it does not have to be so complex. READ MORE >>

Few of us can afford to buy our first home using cash. Many buyers will rely on a bank or other mortgage lender to provide them with financial support. However, the bank will also expect the mortgage recipient to do their job in home protection. They'll likely institute a requirement for the buyer to carry homeowners insurance. READ MORE >>

Have you ever needed car repairs?  I always think finding an insurance agent is like finding a good car mechanic.  Auto insurance comes in different prices from different companies.  Sometimes people get policies that are more expensive than necessary.  Sometimes policies are bought that are not the right fix. READ MORE >>

What an idea?  A company that goes the extra mile.  What is a business to do if they cannot compete because they don't have the proper insurance?  Certificates of insurance and additional insureds open doors to valuable income for business owners. READ MORE >>

An open door is an inviting event when you are dealing with the Insurance Place of Orange Park.  Of course, the picture shown is not me.  However, I will have a ready smile and a ready handshake.  The important thing is that you want someone who can relate to you and service your protection needs at a competitive price. READ MORE >>

Where do we go from here?  Your insurance matters whether you are at your vacation property or on the road.  Do you own or rent your dwelling?  Maybe you rent to others and a Condominium Policy is your need.  That lake property may need insurance just like your home. READ MORE >>

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