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December is the time of much celebration. We want to have fun, especially with so much to enjoy among our friends and family. Who doesn't like a party with people we love? So, let's celebrate — but not by driving impaired. We can have fun without endangering others and breaking the law. READ MORE >>

Technically, you only need to buy the minimum required auto insurance in your state. However, when you consider that auto insurance is required in every state but New Hampshire, it becomes clear that the legal minimum might be anything but adequate. Liability READ MORE >>

As Florida's most-populated cities, Jacksonville has plenty of drivers around — more than 700,000 according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles. Naturally, with more drivers come more accident risks. Duval County reported 24,734 wrecks, 14,850 injuries and 151 fatalities in 2017 alone. READ MORE >>

Drivers in Clay County and greater Jacksonville usually pay an average of $1,000 and $1,300/year for their car insurance. As a resident of Green Cove Springs, you'll probably pay something similar, though your exact rate will vary based on numerous factors — including the coverage you choose to buy. READ MORE >>

What should you think about when selecting insurance for your vehicles? Some agents seem to help more than others. Some coverages seem more necessary than other coverages. Where you buy insurance matters. Doing your homework means shopping around. READ MORE >>

Fleming Island is near the ocean. And everyone knows that Florida is famous for its humidity and often-wet climate. How will that impact your car? Can you do anything to protect the vehicle? Moisture is sometimes detrimental to your overall vehicle health. Therefore, if you don't maintain your vehicle, damage might occur. READ MORE >>

A famous politician used to say, "How is that working out for you?" Do you know when car insurance will not work for you? I will take you to such a place. For now, let me say that insurance companies have a legal right not to cover in certain situations. The problem areas are when we don't tell them things that they are supposed to be told. READ MORE >>

Many people think of Orange Park as a very safe part of the Jacksonville metro area. Indeed, compared to many areas, it is quite low-risk. However, crime can happen anywhere, and local crimes can include vehicle theft. This is not something you want to have to deal with, so what can you do to prevent such occurrences? READ MORE >>

We all know that things happen, and accidents happen. You have heard it said, "Nobody's perfect." Or, "We all make mistakes." In insurance, we understand that accidents and losses occur. Many clients will say, "That is why I have insurance." All are true. For a moment, let's think about accidents that are avoidable. READ MORE >>

What if you have thousands of dollars at risk in your auto insurance policy? Is this amount of money worth more than fifteen minutes of professional attention? Thousands of dollars are at risk when damage occurs. Getting the right answer about insurance is worth every extra minute that is required. READ MORE >>

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