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Relax and let someone else do the driving! Given the advanced state of driverless technologies and the amount of money being poured into the sector, there is little question—make that, no question at all—that within 10 years, driverless cars will be the norm. The implications are immense and widespread. READ MORE >>

"Give me some credit."  This may be a good thing if I worked hard and someone acknowledges my accomplishments, right?  What if I want to buy a home or a car, then I may want to borrow money; that is, get credit money from the bank.  That is a good thing, correct? READ MORE >>

Now this couple looks content, don't they?  Sure they are happy because they have found a new home for their future.  What if their insurance was so costly that they had to buy less home?  On the other hand, what if they found homeowners insurance that gave them a little more cash for meals? READ MORE >>

Have you noticed that sometimes at a company, a saying will catch on, and the employees will use a certain phrase over-and-over.  One place I worked, people started saying, "Do what you do!"  The meaning is, "Whatever your strength is, do that."  "Do what you do well, which many times is doing your job (well)! READ MORE >>

Hello Motorbike Riders!  Do you know what your insurance covers?  Your Insurance Place of Orange Park has a carrier that will guarantee OEM parts for repairs.  How about if you are 100 miles from home?  Our carrier will pay up to $500 for meals and travel to get you home safely. READ MORE >>

Your safety and well-being are more than insurance can solve.  There are things that your insurance can't replace.  We hope that you, your families, your neighbors, your friends, your community, your city, and your state are finding peace after this devastating hurricane. READ MORE >>

We are watching for the path of hurricane Irma.  Mostly, you have just a few hours to update your insurance information.  Insurers are not allowing additions to policies because of the predictable risks of a hurricane.  Let's talk about what we should do at anytime to update policies. READ MORE >>

Yes, I can lower my auto insurance costs by taking specific actions.  What are those things that I can do for myself?  If we avoid accidents and tickets, then our insurance premiums will lower.  Insurance companies have less risk and less expenses when we have clean driving records. READ MORE >>

For most of us our most prized earthly possession is our home.  (I know some of you are car lovers.  Who doesn't enjoy a nice ride!)  Back to my thought for today:  If your home is 20 years or older, we can save you hundreds of dollars on your Homeowners Insurance depending on who your carrier is. READ MORE >>

Flood Insurance is an important topic this hurricane season.  Many don't realize that Flood Policies are purchased as a separate policy from homeowners insurance.  You don't have to buy a homeowner's policy from us to get flood insurance protection.  See us today, or call, and we will protect you with a new Flood Policy. READ MORE >>

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