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An open door is an inviting event when you are dealing with the Insurance Place of Orange Park.  Of course, the picture shown is not me.  However, I will have a ready smile and a ready handshake.  The important thing is that you want someone who can relate to you and service your protection needs at a competitive price. READ MORE >>

Where do we go from here?  Your insurance matters whether you are at your vacation property or on the road.  Do you own or rent your dwelling?  Maybe you rent to others and a Condominium Policy is your need.  That lake property may need insurance just like your home. READ MORE >>

A FEW QUICK TIPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  READ MORE >>

Christmas Tree Safety . . . Electrical problems are the main cause in nearly 35% of home holiday tree fires. Check out these tips to keep your family safe this holiday season. As you deck the halls this holiday season, be fire smart. A small fire that spreads to a Christmas tree can grow large very quickly. READ MORE >>

Insurance is for the people we love.  Fathers, Mothers, and Grand Parents have different reasons for the type of insurance that they carry.  In auto insurance we have to ask ourselves questions about how much is the right coverage.  We balance these decisions with our ability to pay, but also, we have to ask how much do we have to lose. READ MORE >>

When you see us, know us by our logo.  Insurance offices are not all the same.  Here at the Insurance Place of Orange Park, Inc., we are branding our exceptional service and companies you know, by branding with our agency logo.  You'll see it appearing on LinkedIn, Facebook, and our office on Blanding Blvd. READ MORE >>

  NO PAIN, NO gain. Believe it or not, that saying doesn't always apply at the gym, because dropping a 30-lb dumbbell on your foot, dislocating a joint, or tearing a muscle will offer only misery—and will force you to take a seat on the sidelines that can seriously trip up your progress. READ MORE >>

A runner's kick, do you know what that is?  Consider a race that is a quarter mile or 440 meters.  The "kick" is the extra push, the extra speed, that a runner expends towards the finish line that defies all his pain and the strain of his legs and lungs. READ MORE >>

Show me some love. We hear so much about love.  Many people won't talk about the word, or it means something different than caring about people.  Here at the Insurance Place of Orange Park, I have had people tell me that my readers won't believe that some businesses care more about people than money. READ MORE >>

You may ask, "What's so good about insurance?"  Insurance spares us the devastation of sudden and accident loss of our valuables.  Devastating losses include losing our car, our truck, our home, or all of our personal belongings in a apartment fire. READ MORE >>

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