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Relax!  Can you see yourself comfortable with your insurance choices?  Auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, whatever is important to you, what if you can take your shoes off, lay back in the grass with your family, and relax!  I wouldn't dare to say, that any insurance company would intentionally not tell you something. READ MORE >>

Help!  I need somebody, not just anybody!  Do you recognize a famous line from a famous song?  Let's think about when something bad happens to our stuff that is insured?  What about your car?  It's totaled!  What about your home?  God forbid that it should burn to the ground! READ MORE >>

Have you ever needed car repairs?  I always think finding an insurance agent is like finding a good car mechanic.  Auto insurance comes in different prices from different companies.  Sometimes people get policies that are more expensive than necessary.  Sometimes policies are bought that are not the right fix. READ MORE >>

Where are you going in such a hurry?  Look at the picture that I selected.  This is a happy woman.  The picture is for auto insurance.  So, what do we see that is wrong with this picture if the lady was actually driving?  Well, it is a great photo op, but let's watch where we are driving! READ MORE >>

Our Business is Caring.  Have you seen our motto or tagline for the Insurance Place of Orange Park, Inc?  Many of you also know us as Pickering Insurance, Inc.  Businesses work hard on their marketing ideas and spend large amounts of money every year on advertising as well as marketing. READ MORE >>

Want a great idea when shopping for insurance?  Look for an agency that will look out for you and your needs FIRST.  You may ask, "FIRST over what?"  FIRST over $$$ . . . money! Why am I talking this way?  Well, we all do business with different companies at different times. READ MORE >>

We have all heard about the value of homes being better when you are in a good location.  Some people have even talked about this real estate truism by saying the three most important things are "location, location, location."  This brings me to my thought for the day. READ MORE >>

Love your insurance.  Is that really possible to love your insurance agency?  Yes!  We are people who care, really care!  The people you love, Mothers, Fathers, Grandma, and Grandpa, all have different reasons for the type of insurance that they carry. READ MORE >>

What an idea?  A company that goes the extra mile.  What is a business to do if they cannot compete because they don't have the proper insurance?  Certificates of insurance and additional insureds open doors to valuable income for business owners. READ MORE >>

No time like the present.  You may be like most of us. We let some things go until we have to take action.  Insurance is one of those things that can't wait.  Waiting is losing.  When you need insurance, then it's too late.  You know what I'm saying, yes? READ MORE >>

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