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Jacksonville and Duval County border the Atlantic Ocean. Most locals are familiar with how closely weather patterns relate to oceanic conditions. Now that spring has begun, it can only mean one thing — the start of hurricane season around the corner. READ MORE >>

A famous politician used to say, "How is that working out for you?" Do you know when car insurance will not work for you? I will take you to such a place. For now, let me say that insurance companies have a legal right not to cover in certain situations. The problem areas are when we don't tell them things that they are supposed to be told. READ MORE >>

Many people think of Orange Park as a very safe part of the Jacksonville metro area. Indeed, compared to many areas, it is quite low-risk. However, crime can happen anywhere, and local crimes can include vehicle theft. This is not something you want to have to deal with, so what can you do to prevent such occurrences? READ MORE >>

We all know that things happen, and accidents happen. You have heard it said, "Nobody's perfect." Or, "We all make mistakes." In insurance, we understand that accidents and losses occur. Many clients will say, "That is why I have insurance." All are true. For a moment, let's think about accidents that are avoidable. READ MORE >>

Did you take the time to read through your home insurance policy? If you did, you may have noticed information about the homeowner's declarations listed on the policy. Generally, policies have a specific page dedicated to declarations. Though this page tends to read like a very formal document, it does not have to be so complex. READ MORE >>

What if you have thousands of dollars at risk in your auto insurance policy? Is this amount of money worth more than fifteen minutes of professional attention? Thousands of dollars are at risk when damage occurs. Getting the right answer about insurance is worth every extra minute that is required. READ MORE >>

When an accident occurs, it can mean a significant amount of damage to any vehicle. Even a small fender-bender may result in vehicle panels needing replacement. Auto insurance may help cover these costs, if you have collision insurance in place. It's important to understand the process to know what you can expect, though. READ MORE >>

They call them accidents! In insurance, we understand that things happen. Maybe we could have avoided them, or maybe not. One thing is for sure: You want to have insurance when you are about to lose money from an accident, or when you lose your transportation, or you have a hole in your house! READ MORE >>

Few of us can afford to buy our first home using cash. Many buyers will rely on a bank or other mortgage lender to provide them with financial support. However, the bank will also expect the mortgage recipient to do their job in home protection. They'll likely institute a requirement for the buyer to carry homeowners insurance. READ MORE >>

Your car insurance policy costs money, and you must pay that bill in full. Yet, countless Americans struggle to save enough to pay this vital cost. Given that insurance is often not cheap, you'll want to do all you can to get this money together. What are some of the ways you can save for your policy costs? READ MORE >>

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